Early Tuesday Morning

It’s 2AM and I can’t fall asleep. I guess now is a good time to update my blog.

  • I just re-read the new Dress Code Memo from David Stern to all of the players. I think the things that jump out at me from the memo are 1) Players ARE allowed to wear “dress jeans” and 2) Players are NOT allowed to “wear sunglasses while indoors.” (both taken directly from the memo)
  • Kevin Garnett–if you watch closely this season, you will see something new from KG. In the warmup line, after he is introduced he will bow in a martial-arts-like gesture to all of us (teammates) and we will mimick it back to him. I first met KG about 12 years ago at the NIKE invitational for high school players in Indianapolis. I was going to be a H.S. senior and he was going to be a junior. KG was dominating back then too. I looked at him and he was 6’11” with those wide shoulders and I thought, “Now that’s the type of person that’s going to the N.B.A.” Allen Iverson was at that camp along with Jahidi White and I think Maurice Taylor was there too.
  • Dwayne Casey–Coach casey is one of the smartest defensive minds that I’ve ever seen. After our mini-camp in Las Vegas I think I told my Dad that Coach Casey was having us do things on defense that I have NEVER done in my entire career. The defensive philosophy he is teaching us works incredibly well. It basically emphasizes rotations and every man on the court being partially responsible for the ball even if it’s out of your defensive zone.
  • Today in practice KG and I were both going for a rebound. He came down on my foot and sprained his ankle. I felt terrible but he said he’d be ok in a couple of days.
  • One of the happiest moments of my basketball career came in Milwaukee on Saturday night. Two years ago, TJ Ford and I collided and he aggravated his existing bruised spinal cord when he fell. The Bucks missed TJ terribly and he was out for TWO YEARS!!! Some people said his career would be over. On Saturday night, Michael Redd announced TJ’s return and the Milwaukee crowd went nuts. I stood and clapped so hard for TJ even though we were in a team huddle. I have great admiration for TJ and I am just happy he is back. Here is a link to a great article about TJ and his family. Article
  • One of my next postings will be dedicated to Fred Hoiberg and everything he has gone through in the past four months with his heart surgery. Fred has the chance to become the first player in NBA history to play with a pacemaker. More importantly, I just hope that Fred takes it slow and has a complete recovery. Fred is a great family man with a beautiful wife and four kids. As far as I’m concerned if he walks away and never plays again, I will be happy that he got his heart situation fixed. But from a selfish standpoint, Fred is one of my best friends and and may be one of the greatest pure shooters to ever play in the NBA. Whatever Fred Hoiberg chooses I will support 100%.