Utah Valley University and Mark Madsen have partnered to put together some of the top camps in the western United States. Coach Madsen is personally involved in each and every camp and he oversees them. But he also participates actively in all of the camps in order to help share the sport of basketball and help young men and women improve their skills.

Team Basketball Camp:

Held in June, the Mark Madsen team camp is one of the premier team basketball camps. In recent years, upwards of 90 different high school and middle school teams will come to Utah Valley University for a week of camp. Coach Madsen and his staff teach individual skill on Day 1 and then the camp has a strong tournament format where the competition is stiff and the players get better. Many teams come from out of state with one team traveling from Hong Kong to participate.

Individual skills basketball camp:

The game of basketball encompasses a wide variety of skills including: footwork, conditioning, shooting, rebounding, ball handling, and many others. The individual skills camp is meant to be a skill development camp that also has an element of competition and fun. Some of our campers drive long commutes to be with us and their families have been sending young children to UVU for many years.

Emphasis on Skill Work:

Coach Madsen believes strongly that basketball skills can be learned with repetition. Because coach Madsen played alongside Kobe Bryant and later coached Kobe, he has been heavily influenced by Kobe in terms of skill work. The embedded tweet will show some of the footwork that made Kobe so special.