The New NBA ball….

One of the big issues right now in the NBA is the new composite basketball that is now being used. Let me share a few thoughts about this.

The new ball is a huge issue because it affects the experience that the fans get when they come to games. On a personal note, it also slips out of my hand in ways that the old one never did. I am not going to speak about what my teammates’ views are about the ball or about how the decision was made to replace the old ball. The truth is that I haven’t gone to each player on the team to ask them, and I have no information on how the “new ball decision” was made.

Let me just say this. In my opionion the ball is much more slippery when it gets wet and I can’t really control it nearly as well as the old, leather one. I also understand that when my employer hands down a decision, I am going to embrace it and try to make the best of whatever the decision is. So that being said, I am going to do everything I can to do my best with the new ball even though I view it as far inferior to the old ball in my opinion.

I also believe that the very best organizations and businesses encourage dialogue from the top to the bottom. Bad organizations seem to encourage a lot of “yes-men/women.” Great organizations are hungry for feedback. The NBA is a great league and a great organization. I truly believe that they will listen to the feedback that the players give.

I am going to do everything in my power to get the ball changed back to the old one. As one of two “player representatives” on my team to the NBA players union and ultimately to the NBA, I am going to do everything in my power to determine my team’s consensus about the ball and go into action to bring back the old ball. If all of my teammates love the new ball, then I will drop the issue completely and move on and find a way to love the new ball. But, based on some informal discussions with teammates I believe there are already some that would like to see the old ball back.

Regardless of the ball, training camp is going phemomenally well here in Mankato. I look forward to our upcoming scrimmage this saturday night!