Just landed in Las Vegas!

When I was about fourteen I came to Las Vegas for a basketball camp and was tempted to put a quarter into a slot machine. I dropped the quarter in and out came 5 quarters. As I was reaching for the winnings, a voice called out, “Hey how old are you?” A huge security guard was staring me down as I shook a little bit. “Take the money and run!” he bellowed out!

That’s my first and only gambling experience. For the next three days most of the T-Wolves team will be here in Las Vegas for a voluntary mini-camp so that we can all get to know each other as players better. The Timberwolvs rented us each a room at the Palms Hotel here in Vegas. When I walked into the lobby I immediately ran into Troy Hudson and Anthony Carter. It’s great to see friends after a summer of being in different places. I’ve been doing some high altitude training in the Salt Lake City area. If anyone out there wants to get some conditioning in, you’re more than welcome to come run some 400’s with me at Olympus high school just off of 4500 S. Today at 10:30 AM we’re meeting in the lobby to go start playing ball against each other. I’ll try to record some of the cool stuff that happens.