Thank you from a kid

Dear Mark Madsen…My name is Johnny,I am 6 years old and live in California. I love basketball, mostly the Lakers, but I cheer for the T-Wolves too (because my nanny/babysitter grew up in Minnesota and she cheers for them like crazy) I wanted to thank you for talking at your college last Saturday I could not go,but she went for me which was so cool because she’s like a young grown up and doesn’t even have kids. She just went so she could tell me what you said. She plays ball with me and it’s fun because she’s like almost 6 feet tall No kidding!! She always tells me to be a good sport on and off the court and she told me you said pretty much the same thing plus that you told cool stories like missing free throws and having to be nicer to Shaq. Awesome!!! I hope your wrist feels better and that you have a good season next year except maybe against the Lakers –just kidding –sort of. Your fan

Johnny B.